Vince Cayo is a solo musician out of Bradford, England, and self-proclaimed master of the Cayote Rock'n'Roll genre. 
He learned the trade on the roads of Europe and America in his youth, drawing inspiration from the likes of Flogging Molly, Billy Bragg and Bob Dylan. 

Soon after, gigs started lining up in England and across Europe, and connections were being made, which eventually led to an introduction to top West Yorkshire producer Grant Henderson with whom Vince would make two albums, Bound For Glory (2017) and Lucky Red Hat (2018). 

After a few years of strictly solo gigs, Vince teamed up with double bassist Ian Blackburn and Yalla Yallas guitarist Groundskeeper Will Grinder to form Vince & The Cayotes. The Cayotes did their debut gig at the Smiling Cat Cafe in Bradford, followed by more outings and the release of their debut single "Future Primitive" in March of 2020

Vince Cayo and The Cayotes carry on down their path of destruction, juggling between the solo project, The Cayotes, and Will and Vince's duties with established Leeds punk rockers The Yalla Yallas, and are always seeking new ways to broaden their spectrum and stay fresh, hoping that “my pony knows the way back home”


FULL BIO AT: https://vincecayo.com/epk

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