News flash

Thrilled about some nice feedback and a shout out all the way from California from fucking Kristian Svitak at KILL THE KOOL!! 
For all of youse heathens out there, this man skated to Social D in the Label Kills video and has been ripping for Black Label for many, many years as well as running his own 1031 Skateboards for some time. Bottom line is: fella got TASTE! 
Thanx a million! 

Other news as well, i'll be playing a charity gig at the Barum Top in Halifax on July 28th (more info to come). 
I'll also be replacing Sexy Dempsey on bass for a slew of gigs with the Yalla Yallas! We're talking 29/07 in Watford, 6/08 in Sheffield (suporting MDC) and 14/09 in sunny Halifax 

Keep searching for Chin, Vince