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“Vince has a very strong voice that growls out at you like Tom Waits lashing it up with McGowan backed by Street Dogs””

— London Celtic Punks


Vince Cayo is a solo musician out of Bradford, England, and self-proclaimed 
master of the Cayote Rock'n'Roll genre. 

He learned the trade on the roads of Ireland, Europe, and the USA in his 
youth, writing about what happened around him. 

After years on the road, Vince eventually stayed in Bradford and started 
performing on a regular basis, all the while meeting the people that would put his 
train on the tracks. Early observers saw potential and promise in the material and 
performance and a following started to gather. 

Early crucial encounters with Leeds punk rockers The Yalla Yallas and top 
Leeds producer Grant Henderson resulted in many English and European gigs and 
tours, as well as the making of two albums at Grant Henderson's Loom Studio. 

Following an amazing European tour supporting The Yalla Yallas, Vince Cayo 
entered Loom Studio in November of 2016 to make a debut album backed by the 
production skills of Grant Henderson and Rob Galloway and the finest musicians 

He came back out with Bound For Glory on May 2017, a diverse album to give 
listeners a taste of the many directions that may be taken in the future. London 
Celtic Punks described the album as: “When I hear albums like this I wonder if this 
is the start of something new. Well I say new but what I mean is a resurgence of folk 
and country music but with a modern interpretation.” 

2017 turned out to be a busy year with the release of Bound For Glory 
followed by many gigs around England, gigs with his own punk rock trio The 
Cayotes, and another tour of Europe. The greatest highlight of them all being the 
amazing opportunity to share the stage with none other than Boston street punk 
heroes Street Dogs in Manchester in August. 

2018 saw a return to Loom Studio and the making of a second album, Lucky 
Red Hat. This second opus saw Vince pick up where Bound For Glory left off but 
with a much more mature approach and focusing on the folk, bluegrass, and blues 
sides of his craft. Second album Lucky Red Hat was described by Jumbo Records 
as “Part folk holla and part old time country groove, this channels some big themes 
into real gone songs!” 

But Vince did not get any time to rest and celebrate for he returned to the 
studio immediately, this time on bass duties, for the first time, with The Yalla Yallas 
for their exhilarating fourth album Outsider. 
Gigging in support of Lucky Red Hat ended up being limited to accommodate 
a heavy gigging schedule with The Yalla Yallas for the first half of 2019, including 
two roof-raising sets within the same week at the almighty Brudenell Social Club. 
However, Vince did manage to land himself a support slot for Australian folk-punk 
warlords The Rumjacks in York In February, where he sold more albums than at any 
other gig before. 

Vince Cayo carries on down his path of destruction, juggling between this evergrowing 
solo project and his duties with The Yalla Yallas, and is always seeking 
new ways to broaden his spectrum and stay fresh and exciting, hoping that “his 
pony knows the way back home”

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2nd album 'Lucky Red Hat' (2018)

2nd album 'Lucky Red Hat' (2018)

1st album 'Bound For Glory' (2017)

1st album 'Bound For Glory' (2017)